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Facebook - FB

Facebook Inc. (FB) has had a rough journey since its initial public offering. The stock has been bombarded by sentiment, posting an average volume of 72.23 million for the last year. Initially appearing at $38 per share, Facebook has dipped to as low as $18. The stock is currently holding steady at around ~ $27, but the company's unique position makes it a great long-term buy.

Facebook, just like other social media companies, makes its money through advertising. The corporation's latest earnings report showed that it can monetize properly, with a net income of $43 million. After two quarters of negative net income, Facebook finally broke out and started cashing in on its user base. They also experienced a massive increase in cash flow from the quarter prior, going from $248 million to $681 million. Evidently, Facebook has started making money. What we must now ask is whether its model is sustainable. It turns out that Facebook's model is not only sustainable, but will yield huge returns because of the future of the industry.

Currently, Facebook is the top choice for social media advertising.

According to the most recent report from eMarketer, Facebook is by far the most popular website for United States advertising agencies trying to advertise their product or service through social media. The percentages don't add up to 100%; this is because most firms use more than one social media source. About 4/5 firms will use Facebook, however, cementing it as the social media advertising kingpin.


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